posting Threads on our message board

Firstly on our day trading message boards you will see the button near the top of the thread list which reads "New Topic".

If you hit this button you get a "new thread" posting box appear. In this you fill in the subject line which will be the title of your thread on our day trading chat thread list. You also get the option to give your thread an EPIC. This is a good feature if your thread is based around a stock or index as you can give your thread relevance to that epic and also makes it easier for other members to see what your thread relates too.

For example if you are posting a thread about the price of Google shares you would add "GOOG" as you thread Epic, or add "FTSE" for threads about the FTSE 100.

If you tick the "include chart" option and your thread has been posted for a Stock Epic you might get a chart added to the header for you.

You also get the option to select your thread as stock related, a feature or maybe a development thread. This also helps other members narrow down the amount of threads to search through when they are browsing the main page with the search box.

Lastly you will see the typing box. In this yu can add your text or HTML code for your thread header. There is a thread on the boards you can search for under "development" which has handy tips and tricks for decorating your thread with HTML.


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