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Daytrading, why most day traders fail and lose money. Free e book and Demo trading account.


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Day trading


Take two day traders. Give them both the same starting capital, the same trading platform, the same market, the same trading system with a precise rules for entry and exit.

Come back a month later and what do you find?

One day trader will be up 20% and the other down 40%.

Its fascinating, isn't it, how two people can have the same opportunities in life and yet get very different results...

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Useful Information For Stock Market Trading

With the explosion of the internet stock market trading has been revolutionised with nearly all brokers now offering online stock dealing platforms and services. Gone are the old fashioned days in which you had to call your broker to get you a quote (although many still deal in that way) and stocks can be bought and sold with the click of a button on your home p.c. Many traders and investors have warmed to online trading as you can remain totally anonymous behind your trading screen.

With this revolution came the explosion of Day Trading stocks and Indices. Day Trading is to buy and sell a stock or security within the same day, usually via CFD so you can use margin to leverage a larger position than you could normally afford allowing you to profit from small movements in price. It has to be said that with this leverage also comes a big risk of losing money when the price moves against you.

With CFDs you can buy stocks "long" or sell stocks "short" and make a profit both ways. Buying long and selling higher is an obvious way to profit, but with selling short you are looking to sell a stock and buy it back at a lower price, profiting from the difference between the two trades.

Day traders usually trade stocks which are very liquid i.e stocks that have plenty willing buyers and sellers allowing you to move in and out of positions easier. Popular day trading stocks are usually volatile with big intraday swings allowing traders to profit from moves of just a few cents. Stocks which allow day traders to measure market depth are also popular. Market depth can be gauged by such a system as the Nasdaq level 11 quote system with which you can view which Market Makers are offering the best buy and sell prices and also the amount of stock ready to be bought or sold at a certain price. Knowing this information is a must for day traders as they can see they amount of willing buyers if they are to trade in that direction and vice versa.

Swing trading or position trading is a longer term method than day trading in which a trader would be looking to take a position in a stock from maybe a few hours to several days or weeks. A popular way of swing trading is to follow support and resistance levels and buy and sell at those points. Support is deemed as a low value for a stock which may have been a previous low on the stock chart or maybe a previous strong resistance where buyers may have found value again in a stocks price. Resistance is the exact opposite in which it may be a previous high value on a stock chart or a previous support at which point sellers have appeared as they take profits from a stock.

Demo account trading is a must for all newbies to online stock trading. If you are thinking of opening a trading account please visit some of the brokers we have listed on this site and test out their demo accounts. With these fully functional demo trading accounts you can play with an imaginary account balance until you are confident that your method works and makes money before opening a real account. Also see our free e book here.... daytrading - why most daytraders lose money