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Share Watch List

Keep an close watch on your shares with our free share monitor. Add your share symbols and keep coming back to check on prices.

Advanced Chart

Select any share instantly from your watch list to perform analysis. Save your favourite indicator profiles and apply them to any shares.

Free Share Signals

Our data filter picks shares which could be ready to move. Using our unique tool you can add shares to your watch list with potential to breakout.

Trading & Share Chat Boards

Chat with others about shares on our share chat board, or about day trading, charts and other markets on our trading chat board.

Free Trend Charts

Members can view our unique "trend signals" for free. Charts of breakouts, trend continuation or reversal points are highlighted each day.

Trading Data Tools

Aimed at those day trading, we have daily updated pivot points and calculators, breadth charts and other valuable tools for tradiing..

What Does This Cost Me?

Nothing, zero, ziltch. We don't charge for ANY service on our website. All you need is a valid email address.

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Of course! You can unsubscribe from our mailing list and still continue to get free access our members area. We only send three or four emails per month to our members, about high quality trading products or ideas. Every single email comes with an instant unsubscribe link at the foot. Click that, and we don't contact you again.

Can You Explain How To Use These Tools?

Yes sure! Each tool has a short explanation to get started, and for the most part they are self explanatory. However, feel free to use the site contact form, and we will help you get the best from them.