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learn to trade the markets

Are you new to trading the markets? Or are you suffering from information overload?
Finding the correct method of trading is an essential part of a successful trading plan. Our guides below will help explain and simplify the pros and cons of each trading instrument available with most online brokers.

Learn About Share Dealing

Share dealing is simply buying or selling a companies stock. It's the most popular trading method for the average investor, but comes with tax implications you need to be aware of.

Learn About Spread Betting

Spread betting on financial markets is now one of the most popular methods of trading due to the cost and tax benefits. Offering tight spreads, zero commissions, and no tax for UK residents.

Learn About Forex Trading

Forex trading offers you access to the most liquid 24 hour market in the world. Investing or trading in currencies allows you to profit from economic events or trends in a nations stability.

Learn About CFD Trading

CFD trading allows an investor to use margin and leverage to increase the size of a trade by a large amount compared to trading on deposit. An alternative method to traditional share dealing.