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Futures price quotes (as of yesterdays close)
Futures Date Open High Low Close
Gold 2024-07-19 2448 2448.4 2395.7 2399.1
Silver 2024-07-19 30.02 30.03 29.06 29.299
Crude Oil 2024-07-19 80.88 81.34 78.59 78.64
Brent Oil 2024-07-19 84.72 85.35 82.56 82.63
Natural Gas 2024-07-19 2.089 2.143 2.057 2.128
Heating Oil 2024-07-19 2.4743 2.5025 2.4173 2.4191
Gasoline 2024-07-19 2.5017 2.5205 2.45 2.4504

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Commodities and Futures

A commodity is a normal physical product used by everyday people during the course of their lives, or metals that are used in production or as a traditional store of wealth and a hedge against inflation. For example, these commodities include grains such as wheat, rice, metals such as copper, gold and silver, energy such as oil prices and gas.

The best way to trade the commodity markets is by buying and selling futures contracts on local and international exchanges, for example buying a contract of Brent oil with the view that oil prices will go up because of worldwide demand and shortage of output. Trading futures can be accessed by using the services of any full or on-line futures brokerage service. Traditionally, there is an expectation when trading commodity futures of achieving higher returns compared to shares or real estate, so successful investors can expect much higher returns compared to more conventional investment products.