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LiveWire Economics Blog - Apr 26, 2022 17:44 - 0 Comments

Copper Prices Sliding On Chinese Slowdown Concerns

Major concerns were raised on Monday on continued demand from China which sent the copper price and main industrial metals sliding yesterday. Covid continues to be a pest in China, with lockdowns in major cities and ports suffering backlogs of unloading ships. After China promised more support to revive an economy which has been ravaged […]

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Gold and Oil News - May 15, 2022 11:51 - 0 Comments

Oil Prices Remain High With Russian Ban Looming

Friday brought another rise in Oil prices with a gain of around 4%, as record high prices were seen in US Gasoline. Investors are still rightly concerned that supplies will tighten if the EU does indeed go ahead and ban Russian imports. This was the third consecutive weekly increase in Oil prices, and also the […]

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Spot gold price earlier this week was close to $2075/ounce, but after traders booked their profits, this saw the yellow metal drop below $2000 after it reached this new high. Inflation is hitting highest levels for decades and the outlook is bleak for the short term. Experts in commodity markets believe that the sharp rise […]

Shares and Markets - May 13, 2019 11:15 - 0 Comments

FTSE Weaker in Q2 But Looking For Support

Early Q2 exuberance on the FTSE 100 seems to have settled, and in predictable form the main UK index of large cap blue chips is retracing in order to find support. As is often the case during summer months, the FTSE 100 seems to be looking for a trading range until Q3 gets underway. The […]

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