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Natural Gas Price Chart

Livecharts Uk Gas Price Futures

About Gas Prices

Natural Gas price often follows seasonal trends. Gas is used to heat homes, particularly cold winters can increase demand. Summer months can see demand fall due to warmer weather. Natural Gas prices is also affected by over and under supply. Recently in the USA there has been a huge boom of shale Gas producers, which pushed the price to record lows. However, the world will always be in demand of Gas as an energy source, until a more efficient and cleaner fuel becomes the norm. Gas futures are traded via contracts on futures exchanges, and many non-US brokers offer CFD contracts. This chart is a live CFD price, and not actual market data.

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Natural gas, an essential source of energy, is a commodity that is prone to price fluctuations due to numerous factors. The market's supply and demand dynamics are critical factors in determining the price of natural gas, with weather patterns, economic growth, and industrial activity often influencing demand. The supply of natural gas can be impacted by geopolitical factors such as trade disputes and tensions, as well as advancements in technology within the industry. Additionally, economic conditions such as interest rates, inflation, and exchange rates can also affect the chart of natural gas.