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Spread Betting - Financial Betting Explained

Spread betting is one of the most popular trading methods for citizens in the UK.
Financial spread betting accounts are open to those situated in many European countries, but the main tax benefits are for those based in the UK. Allowing trading without the restrictions of capital gains and other costs.
Read our guides below to help you understand just how spread betting works.

In 2018 new rules came out of the EU which restricts leverage and margin for traders who are classed as retail. If you fall into this category then you should read this..

Articles Explaining The Basics Of Spread Betting

If you are looking for a less complicated and more enjoyable way of investing in the finance markets, you might want to consider financial spread betting as part of your investment strategy.

With the growth of spread betting, the emergence of spread betting companies is directly proportional in terms of proliferation. Here are some main features common to most accounts.

If you are looking to dive into the world of spread betting, setting up a demo account is virtually mandatory. It's a feature provided with most spread betting companies allowing you to familiarise yourself with their platform. .

In simplest terms, spread betting on share prices is basically putting your money on surmising which way the prices are going to move in the future, up or down.

Forex spread betting comprises of investing money based on your prediction of which way a particular currency is going to move in either the short or longer term future.