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About Copper, It's Uses and Ways to Trade

Copper is a soft, malleable, ductile metal with the atomic number 29. Its conductive properties include good thermal and electrical conductivity. Freshly exposed copper is a soft, pinkish-orange color. It is the most commonly used metal in electronics, plumbing, and the construction industry. Read on for some of the uses of copper. Also, find out how copper is produced.

First, consider what copper does to the environment. Copper is rarely pure in nature and must be treated before it can be sold. Copper mining causes a lot of pollution; chemicals used to extract the metal are toxic, and runoff from the process of purification is also toxic. To minimize the environmental impact of copper mining, countries are beginning to regulate copper industries. This will prevent widespread pollution of local waterways and ecosystems.

copper wire

The demand for copper stems primarily from the homebuilding industry. Copper is used in electrical wiring, plumbing fixtures, and insulation, among other things. Copper is also highly versatile, combining well with other metals to create useful alloys. Copper alloys are often formed from different combinations of elements, and the different combinations can yield unique alloys and compounds. Copper alloys are also created for different purposes. For instance, copper alloys can be used to produce electrical appliances.

The world has around three hundred million tons of copper reserves. The reserve is enough to meet demand for at least 25 years, and is found in rock throughout the world. Copper is mined in various areas, including the Andes in Chile, where more than one-third of the world's copper is produced.

To trade a live copper price many use NYMEX and trade futures electronically. You can trade copper futures 24 hours per day on weekdays. Copper futures contracts are exchange traded contracts and when you buy them you are expected to take delivery from a seller at the expiry date, or roll the contract over. Many also spreadbet or use CFDs to trade copper prices, as these are more accessible to many in Europe and UK.