Pivot Point Calculator

Automatic Pivot Point Calculator and data retrieval tool

This unique pivot point calculator will automatically retrieve end of day data and calculate standard pivot points,fib pivot points and camarilla levels all in one click. Symbols are based on Yahoo format.

Please be aware the auto pivot tool uses Yahoo data and can be subject to occasional adjustments, especially Dow Jones Index. In this case use our Index Pivot Points page as is created with more stable data.

Index pivot examples ^FTSE / INDU (Dow) / ^GSPC (S&P)

For stock pivots, USA stocks just type symbol EG: AAPL. UK stocks type symbol.L EG: LLOY.L BARC.L.

Auto Pivot tool is working again for main indices and shares UK / USA. Please wait for other stocks.

Pivot points
Enter Symbol  
INDU          End of Day Data
Open High Low Close
24,340.00 24,523.50 24,290.85 24,473.50

INDU         Pivot Points, Fib Pivots and Camarilla
R3 24,800.37 Fib R3 24,659.61 Brk Out Long 24,601.46
R2 24,661.93 Fib R2 24,573.53 Short 24,537.48
R1 24,567.72 Fib R1 24,517.69 HL2 24,516.15
Pivot 24,429.28 Pivot 24,429.28 HL1 24,494.83
S1 24,335.07 Fib S1 24,340.88 LL1 24,452.17
S2 24,196.63 Fib S2 24,285.04 LL2 24,430.85
S3 24,102.42 Fib S3 24,198.96 Long 24,409.52
        Brk Out Short 24,345.54
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