Cookies And How We Use Them.

What Is A Cookie?

A cookie is a little text file which is created on your computer when your browser accesses a website that uses cookies. The files are used to help your browser navigate the website and fully use all its features like logins. Cookies can also be used by websites to create statistics of visits and for determining a user location for advertising. Cookie files are typically stored in the cookie file of your browser.

How Does use Cookies?

If you log into our members area you will be given a session cookie. This keeps you logged in whilst you still have the browser window open that logged in. Closing the browser closes the session and disables the cookie automatically.

Web Statistics

We use Google analytics which is industry standard web statistics. This will track your visit and create statistics on how our pages are used. It uses no information from your computer other than tell us your location and type of browser, and will only track your navigation on our website. Learn more and see how to opt out here.

Google Adsense

We run Google adsense advertising on our website. Google uses cookies to serve adverts based on the content of pages you navigate to on our website. You can read Googles terms and conditions here to find out more on their Cookie policy.

Webads Uk

Other advertising on our site is served by Webads Uk. Websites running on Webads advertising network place cookies to prevent users from seeing adverts too frequently and also to show more relevant advertising. Users have the opportunity to switch off cookies at any time by using this link.

WebAds also work with Truste as part of the EU's Self-Regulatory Good Practice Principles. Truste work with over 2,000 high profile companies globally including; AOL, Apple, Disney and LinkedIn and serve over 20 billion adverts monthly. This partnership ensures that WebAds is working with the leading global compliance provider. For further information on Truste and their services please visit here. Webads also encourage you to read through this useful guide from the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau).

How To Remove Cookies
Internet Explorer

In your browser goto Tools then select "Internet Options". In the window that appears under the heading "browser settings" you can delete all cookies and browsing history (be aware this removes all history and cookies from all websites you visit). You can also select settings to view individual cookies and adjust your browser settings.


In the browser menu goto Tools and select "clear recent history". In the next window you can select what you wish to remove from your computer. Also in the Tools menu you can select "Options" then the "Privacy" tab. In there you can tell your browser not to let websites track you. But be aware this may affect any websites you use that require log in.

Need More Information?

You can find more information about cookies and privacy on the Internet through