Using the trend signals

How to use our market trend signals

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Our trend forecaster will generate up and down signals when buying or selling pressure builds up in a stock, currency, index or future. This forecast is not a recomendation to buy or sell. The forecasts are only a signal to watch for further strength above or below signal bars.

The forecasts can mean buying or selling pressure has built up so much a new high or low price will happen soon forming a continuation of the trend OR the price is overdone, and a close of a bar moving in the opposite direction to the last forecast bar could signal a trend failure or reversal point. See more examples..

For instance if there has been 2 up forecast bars in a row but the price is failing to break onto a new high, then also watch for a reversal in the price to break below the last "signal bar" low price. Vice versa for upward reversals.

In strong trends these forecasts are usually continuation signals, in ranging markets they are reversal points.