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S&P 500 Index - Charts, Index and History Guide

The S&P 500 Index, often referred to simply as the S&P 500, is one of the most widely followed equity indices in the world and a key benchmark for the U.S. stock market. It represents the performance of approximately 500 of the largest publicly traded companies listed on stock exchanges in the United States.

Investors and financial professionals often use the S&P 500 as a benchmark for evaluating the performance of their investments and portfolios. Additionally, many investment products, such as exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds, are designed to track the performance of the S&P 500, allowing investors to gain exposure to a diversified basket of U.S. stocks.

Read our guides below to learn more about this famous stock index, it's history, charts, how the index is priced and more.

Articles On S&P 500

The S&P 500 Index is a cornerstone of the global financial landscape, serving as a barometer of the U.S. stock market's health and influencing investment decisions worldwide.

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