Praise for eToro from Trading and Cryptocurrency Communities

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It started over 10 years ago, but during all this time the “number one” social trading platform has been getting constant congratulations. With over 9 million active users, eToro is the social trading platform that has opened up the financial markets to all.

eToro has many excellent features, but one of its most significant is that it is not just a social network for traders. Users get full access to trading education in the form of guides covering most relevant investing topics. Also new users get a virtual wallet which allows them to test trade their strategies before investing their money.

If this isn’t enough, eToro also has something else unique. Popular Investors, these members offer other members the ability to clone their investments. If you are a “Popular Investor” you can earn more in your wallet too. The best of these investors can gain more income from accumulating followers who have cloned their wallets.

“My advice for any new investor is: open an eToro account, check out some markets and try virtual money, then start opening positions in real markets,” says Wayne Ryan, who is one of eToro’s ‘Popular Investors’ . During 2016 Ryan gained 588% profit on his trading, and has gained 84% in the last 12 months. Other users utilize the innovative CopyTrader to clone his wallet and mirror his trades.

According to Ryan, eToro helps their users with “live graphics and data.” “Being one of the best investors in eToro is a great achievement, I feel that I have worked very hard to reach that level,” he says.

Some of The Benefits of EToro

According to members of this high rated social trading platform, it’s a simple tool to use, easy and very reliable. This comes backed with 10 years of experience from the eToro team. Using it allows you to have instant execution of investments and all with a regulated company.

This is an exciting new form of investment for its members, which opens up new forms of trading via CopyTrader. It is also worth noting that there is now a large cryptocurrency community within the platform which shares it’s knowledge daily and help other members.


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