WANdisco Share Price When Big Data is Booming

By Pete Southern in Shares and Markets | May 1, 2014 10:50 | Tags: , , ,

For those who don’t know, Big Data is big business. Its data so large that traditional database tools find it difficult to process. Utilizing and managing big data properly allows companies to get accurate statistics and results by performing complex analytic tasks. It can be used in many industries, from fraud protection to managing traffic.

wandiscoLSE listed company WANdisco has recognized this trend, and is now a leader in producing solutions and software that secures data, and manages it effectively for fast deployment. Even Cloudera (which Intel annouced a stake in) has integrated WANdisco’s patented replication technology into their products.

In the latest set of results, despite reporting a disappointing pre-tax loss of $19.3 million, revenue was up by $2 million.

CEO David Richards reflected on positive year for WANdisco by stating, “We have applied our patented technology to the Big Data market launching products that address a key barrier to widespread adoption of Hadoop.”

And on what is a coup for the company, the announcement that British Gas are to adopt WANdisco’s non-stop Hadoop technology for Hortonworks, he stated, “This solution will enable British Gas to take advantage of Big Data with continuous availability, reduce data storage costs and enable mission critical applications to be implemented without downtime or data loss.”

Since then WANdisco has announced an excellent start to the financial year with a 40% increase in subscription bookings. Another partner, NSN, increased its investment in WANdisco’s technology.

It also stated that the partnership with Cloudera has continued to deepen. This is good news for investors, as it was recently announced that MongoDB and Cloudera are set to co-market their products in an effort to reduce confusion for customers on how big data can benefit them. The coming together of these two companies will allow them to offer a better solution to customers, with MongoDB being the operational database for Cloudera’s analytics.

WANdisco looks set to have a decent year. Its new partnership with University of California’s Irvine Health (Hortonworks) will be an excellent addition to its Cloudera integration.

Certainly, they are a company to watch. Their share price has been sliding of late, but the new business could soon reverse that trend. I hold no interest in these shares, but plan to keep a close eye on their news and the technology sector as a whole.

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