Some Encouraging Gains For Todays Market

By Pete Southern in Shares and Markets | July 6, 2010 11:01 |

Mining and oil firms have helped give the FTSE a powerful start this morning with the market presently up 1.60% at 4901. BP has made good gains along with a collection of mining companies including Xstrata and Antofagasta. Favourable results for Punch Taverns has seen their price rise whilst results for PartyGaming have been mainly as anticipated though their price has risen today.

After strong positive moves yesterday, BP is once again ahead by way of share price rises. Rumours of a deals with number of overseas governments pushed up their price yesterday and present prices are up 3.02% reaching a value of 343.35p for the day.

Mining corporations have had an excellent morning with upward moves in price for firms like Xstrata, up 5.02% to 893.70p, and Antofagasta who faced a tough day yesterday however whose price has risen 5.19% to reach 800.50p per share today.

Even though they have had a very tough World Cup, PartyGaming has seen a reasonable rise in price today so far. Quarter on quarter revenues fell by 2% however that hasn’t stopped share price from rising 5.16% to 232.20p.

Whilst gaming companies have had a really bad world cup, the pub group Punch Taverns has enjoyed nice success and excellent gains throughout this period. Growth over the period has helped the company to overcome a few of the difficulties which are posed by the current consumer market and the price has also headed upwards – up 5.03% to 67.80p.

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