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LiveWire Economics Blog - Nov 1, 2016 11:57 - 0 Comments

Interest Rates Abound as Election Time Looms

As we move ever closer to the US election, what more could you ask for than a week packed with highly anticipated economic data? Expect Gold and stock indices to be volatile as we move into the second half of the week. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s about to land. Already, as of Tuesday […]

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Gold and Oil News - Nov 3, 2016 14:09 - 0 Comments

Gold Prices and Where Next At This Resistance?

Gold gained good ground over the last week, after an early October fall through support. However, the fall stalled and found a base around the mid-point of the February to May range. Gold mining stocks had seen a phenomenal run, with some of the big players up over 200% and more from early 2016 lows, […]

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It’s safe to say that May was a hell of a bearish month for gold prices, in fact it’s been the worst month of the year so far for the precious metal. Gold prices fell from a high of $1300 on 2nd May to a low of $1200 on 30th May. This abrupt end to […]

Shares and Markets - Sep 8, 2016 19:01 - 0 Comments

FTSE 100 and Dow Jones: Can They Head Higher This Year?

Indices in the UK and USA have been on a phenomenal run since the early February, a rise that accelerated with post Brexit relief. Whilst the FTSE 100 stumbled its way up slowly in anticipation of the Brexit vote, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has been strong all the way through, really strong. So much […]

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