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LiveWire Economics Blog - May 11, 2018 16:38 - 0 Comments

Dow Jones Tussles With April Highs as US Dollar Begins to Retrace

After a mixed to down first quarter the Dow Jones index and US stocks are back on the rise. The Dow Jones price has gained over 1000 points since the low in early May, and is now sitting exactly at the April highs as the middle of the month passes. The US Dollar finally gave […]

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Gold and Oil News - Mar 22, 2018 10:19 - 0 Comments

Gold Prices Jump On Further Rate Increase and Forward Guidance

Gold prices jumped $30 from the lows after the FOMC rate increase of 25 basis points. Along with what was a largely expected rate hike, the Fed hinted that rate increases may continue in a steep upward curve over the next few years. Alongside the hike came comments that the Fed intended to sound hawkish […]

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This week began in much the same fashion as they left last week with Oil prices rising. Expectation of a cut in output from OPEC, which could extend into 2018, pushed Crude Oil higher on the futures exchanges. In early trade UK on Tuesday, Brent Oil had fallen back from it’s high, but still remains […]

Shares and Markets - Jul 5, 2018 7:46 - 0 Comments

Dow Jones is Finding Resistance At 24450

As the United States celebrates Independence Day the Dow Jones and other stock indexes take a breather. The yearly national holiday sees markets close. It is possibly a good time for this break to arrive. Stocks have looked weary due to a backdrop of self inflicted trade tariff arguments from their wacky President, and a […]

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