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At City Index, we aim to make CFD trading accessible, enjoyable, and potentially profitable for individuals. By constantly applying the latest in technological innovation with the best in customer service, we stay at the forefront of this fast-growing market.

Trading Contracts for Difference (CFDs) with City Index gives you access to fair and transparent prices on thousands of equities, indices, currencies and commodities across Europe, the US and Asia.

Our online and mobile trading platforms ensure that you can trade whenever, and wherever, you are. Whether you want to increase your exposure to a market, or hedge a portfolio of other investments, City Index CFDs provides the trading tools, plus all the information you need to make your trading decisions.

Absolute price transparency

At City Index, our commitment to fair and transparent prices provides a level of price and execution certainty that is invaluable in CFD trading:

  • Streaming tradeable prices ensure you can act on the very latest price movements in real time
  • Firm quotes up to Our Size give you certainty that we will deal at our quoted prices for any trade within this size
  • CFD prices that replicate those of the underlying instrument ensure that your trade results in the profit (or loss) that you expect
  • Even in volatile markets we will continue to offer fair prices, and to do everything we can to provide the market access you need to open and close positions when you want to.
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