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CFD trading example (index) - Selling the US TECH 100

You believe that the US TECH 100 will fall so you decide to sell a CFD based on 50 underlying futures contracts for that market. 

City Index quotes you a spread of 1890/1894 for the US TECH 100.

Opening trade:

Price of US TECH 100 (US$) 1890
Equivalent number of underlying contracts 50
Value of position (US$)   94,500.00
Commission       n/a
Margin requirement @ 5% (US$) 4,725.00


After 20 days the market has risen and you decide to close your position.

Closing trade:

Price of US TECH 100 (US$)  1909
Equivalent number of underlying contracts  50
Value of position (US$)    95,450.00


Loss on trade:

Opening value (US$) 94,500.00
Closing value (US$) 95,450.00
Loss on position (US$) (950.00)
Commission n/a


As you held a short position financing would also have been automatically credited to your account every night for the period that you held your position open.

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